Noel & Krystal (got_to_have_pop) wrote,
Noel & Krystal

Is YOUR radio active?

Hello boys and girls,

Your bubblegum dreams have come true.
Two rockin' gals shellin' out the raddest tunes every Thursday and Sunday, your new favorite days of the week.

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Are you ready? Don't miss out! Be there or be square!

We don't want any creeps or lurkers, so if you wanna hear the goods you gotta add us!

we do this for fun. thats all. if you really like the stuff we put on here, buy the records!!! Please read the interests. If you don't listen to whats listed please do not add us. We don't want to sound mean or anything but we get alot of adds from people who aren't even into the tunes we put up.
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